Remember me?

Pick Your Parents - Relationship

When I was growing up in our neighborhood, I had a long-time male friend named Kyle. He and I would do things together all the time. He was really strong and was always looking out for me. He was like my protector.

We never dated but when I was in college and even after that, Kyle would just randomly just show up wherever I was, at my home, school, or place of work and greet me with, “Hey babe… how’s it goin’?”

Some years later, Kyle was working with a construction company on a commercial project downtown. There was a bad accident where a wall caved in on him and a few others, which killed them all.

Sometime after that, when I was married and pregnant, I was asleep one night, when all of a sudden I was awoken because I felt some sort of obvious presence from this Kyle soul. He telepathically asked if it would be okay to be in my family, indicating he wanted to become the baby I was to deliver in a few months.

It was a very vivid and genuine communication, so much so that out loud I uttered, “Of course you can”.

Soon after after that, the baby was born, a beautiful little girl.

One day, when she was four years old, I was giving her a bath. When she got out of the bathtub, I bent over to pick up a towel and all of a sudden she smacked me on the butt and said, “Hey babe… I’m Kyle.”