Tell Your Story

There are things that have happened to you that are very different from normal life experiences and that you will never, ever forget. These life events are also difficult to articulate with current society’s limited vocabulary. And so, we tend to keep these occurrences to ourselves. That is, until someone else attempts to describe their own story, similar to yours.

Near death experiences, exhilaration from hearing a piece of music or being at a live show, an extreme moment of love for a child, moving out of your body, intuitions that you just had to act on, feelings of total connection to nature, telepathic phenomena, art that created a deep emotion in you, communications from a deceased loved one, an awareness and presence of “Now” from activities like rock climbing, motorcycle riding, or kite surfing and lucid dreams that were amazingly accurate or solved something for you.

Tell your story here so others may feel safe to tell theirs.