Over the past four decades I have owned and run a successful private practice, providing life coaching, mediations, and counseling services to individuals, teens, couples, and business owners. The services and techniques I have utilized have resulted in more client successes, life-changing wins, accomplishments, and personal gains than can be mentioned here.

When Covid hit our world, the imposed restrictions shut down any ability to deliver live, face-to-face sessions with my clients. Because of this, I was forced to create step-by-step programs that people could do at home, on their own. If they had questions or needed extra help, we utilized phone calls and Zoom meetings so I could provide direction. These programs produced some amazing results.

I never have to give advice or offer opinions because the techniques I’ve deployed are designed to help a person come to his or her own conclusions as to their particular situation or goal. Like a physical trainer at a gym, he or she can give direction but the client is the one who needs to lift the weights in order to get results.

And because one of Life’s basic purposes is to help others, we’ve created a short, step-by-step module that teaches you how deliver these life-changing programs to someone else.

Sessions can now be done in person, via Zoom meetings, via phone calls and/or step-by-step programs you can do at home.

Let me know what questions you’ve always had and wondered about, specific areas of your life you know can be improved, problems that are sucking up your attention, and what you would like help with or are afraid will get worse.

Email me at: so you and and I can work out the details as to what would work best for your specific situation.