The spirit said “Check your email mom!”

Communication From the Deceased - Relationship

I’m a partner at a financial services firm in Michigan. The other day one of my clients came in to see me. She told me she needed to set up an account for her grandson. I looked through her folder and explained to her that after all this time I never knew she had a grandson.


She replied: “Neither did I until recently. Remember me telling you that my 40 year-old son passed away about a year ago in that car accident? Well the other day, when I was driving somewhere, all of a sudden I felt my son’s presence on my car. My deceased son was in my car with me in spirit!


I was so totally surprised but then he calmly started “communicating” with me. He told me I had to go home and check my email because I had missed one. He reiterated that I needed to check my email and then he was gone. I almost had to pull over.


I was pretty startled by that whole experience but when I got home I went right to my laptop and opened up my email inbox. I started scrolling through them all and all of a sudden, there it was. One unopened email.


I clicked on it and started reading. It said, “You don’t know me but a couple years ago your son and I were in a relationship. Well, I just recently gave birth to a new baby boy and the DNA test shows that your son is the father. You have a new grandson.”