These bodies die but our relationships don’t

Communication From the Deceased - Relationship

After some very difficult several years, my mom died on September 3, 2020.

We had been close for most of my life. She had a huge heart and would do anything for me. But, for the last several years of her life, she was not the same person. She manipulated me emotionally by using my love of her to get what she wanted. It became too much for me. I became so stressed that I was not sleeping and ended up totaling a car.

By the end, I was just relieved that she was gone.

It has now been three years since she passed. But last night I was having trouble sleeping, when suddenly I felt an overwhelming wave of emotion flooding my body. And there she was… my mom!

I knew at that moment that she wanted to help me. I lay there for some time as wave after wave passed through me. I cried with relief.

And then I laughed when the thought came to me: “What took you so long?”

She had been waiting for me to become aware of her presence for a long time.

This was my first such experience.