Paul McCartney is amazed what music can do

The Metaphysical Realm - Music

I have heard some hardcore atheists describe hearing music at a live concert as “a religious experience”. They don’t believe in religion or any metaphysical type phenomena, yet they are claiming that music affects them in that way.

What are they talking about?

How is it that we sometimes feel emotional when hearing a piece of music?

How come we sometimes go into another realm just staring at a painting or piece of art?

How is it that certain word combinations, as in poetry, will make more sense to us than any other medium or logical explanation.

Well, Paul McCartney is wondering about those same questions. Listen above and read his words below:

“When you think about it and try to analyze it, it’s frequencies. (Paul sings some scattered high notes) It’s just a bunch of frequencies!

Even when they’re organized into a musical composition, there is no reason really why they should affect us. But they do!

And you can hear, sometimes, a piece of classical music that hasn’t got any lyrics, so there’s no reason for it to touch your heart strings, but it does! It’s like, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cry!” How? I don’t know… it’s magical.

And I think it’s great because it seems to be unique to the human race. We’ve become this, sort of, superior being, but unfortunately we don’t always behave like we are, but we’ve got these amazing skills. And music is one of them.

I don’t know how it works.

Sometimes when you’ve got lyrics you can touch a nerve with people with words. But it’s more than that. It somehow touches our soul, and it’s magic!”