He told me to move out of my body

Out-of-Body - Yoga

One time it was near the end of a yoga exercise class I was was participating in. The instructor had the class wind down by having us get into a certain relaxed body position, close our eyes, and go into a mental, peaceful silence for a short period of time.

All of a sudden the instructor gave the directive, “Okay, now step out of your body.”

I immediately felt myself move up and out of my physical body, through the ceiling, and above the building’s structure, looking down from a viewpoint a couple hundred feet above the roof. I could actually see the roof of the building and the entire city from this vantage point.

It was a bit scary, yet exhilarating.

After I settled back in and composed myself, after this new enlightening experience, people were leaving the class and I witnessed a woman berating the man in charge of the yoga session. She was visibly upset.

She told the instructor that she didn’t appreciate him giving the type of direction that conflicted with her Christian beliefs. Apparently, this new out-of-body experience startled her, and this reality somehow was a violation of the way she believed things were supposed to be, according to her faith.

~ SW