McCartney describes who he really is

Perceiving a Soul - Awareness of Timelessness

It has been noted that the basic characteristics of a spiritual being (soul, consciousness, awareness… whatever you want to call it) is similar to that of a 12 year old kid. Curious, excited, loving, adventurous, and mischievous.

The physical body of course ages and grows old but the spirit is not part of that linear time-stream and so remains an unchanging constant throughout the lifetime of a person.

That’s why you hear people say stuff like, “I know my body is old but I am still feel like a kid!”

And Paul McCartney is very aware of that phenomena.


“The thing is, I am still that little kid that grew up in Liverpool.

I got really famous, but in here (inside), I am still that little kid.

I am amazed at the audience reaction and stuff because I still don’t believe it.

And the way I think when I am at home, I’m just slobbing-out watching television, like anyone.

So it’s kind of “Him” and me. Me is me, that was always in this body and the body has just grown up. And then, “Him” is that famous guy.

He’s very famous!”