I received his message in a dream

Lucid Dreams - Sleeping

One night I had a very lucid and vivid dream about on old client of mine named Randy.

I had not seen Randy in 20 years. He and I and I now live in different states, 500 miles apart from each other.

In this “dream”, Randy was very worried. He was telling me that one of his daughters was in a hospital and he didn’t know what was going on with her. He asked if I could help get her out of that place. He was very agitated and was pleading with me to help her.

Well, I woke the next morning and knew that I should try and contact Randy because this wasn’t a normal sleep-type dream.

I found his number, called him and he answered. He was really surprised to hear my voice. I told him what had come to me that previous night and he was shocked.

He told me that his daughter had just arrived back into the United States yesterday from an international trip she had been on in Israel. He said she was complaining of horrible stomach pains and the doctors said it was a serious condition she had contracted and that they had this type of condition before. They had admitted her to a local hospital where she currently was. Randy couldn’t believe that I had “picked up on this” and contacted him.

A few days later he let me know she was okay and thanked me for my concern. ~ RNN