I knew I had to go NOW!

Intuition - Relationship

My brother had been in the hospital for some weeks with a terminal condition. I lived in California and he was in a hospital in North Carolina. I made plans for another trip to go and see him.

A few days before my scheduled flight, I got a strong awareness or intuition that I should go NOW.

So, I paid the extra money to change my ticket and took the next immediate flight out of California, which was a red eye. I arrived in North Carolina early that next morning.

When I got to the hospital, there were a bunch of family members surrounding my brother in his bed. He was on morphine, in and out of consciousness.

I leaned over, touched him, told him I was there, that I loved him, thanked him for all he’d done for everyone, reassured him that everything was taken care of, his sons were going to be looked after, and at any point he wanted to let go of his body, it was totally okay for him to do so.

The rest of the room gasped at this, but I reassured my brother that it was his decision.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes, sat up, looked around the room at me and everyone else, and then fell back into his sleep.

I told him I was going to check into my hotel, get cleaned up, and I’d be back shortly. I then got everyone else out of the room so as to relief my brother of any obligation to have to hang on to his dying body.

I only made it to the parking lot when I got the call from the hospital saying I needed to come back now.

When I returned, I was told my brother had passed away just a few minutes after everyone left the room.

I am so very grateful that I had followed my perception to make that trip when I did. Otherwise I would have never gotten to help him through that process, tell him that I loved him, and had that last opportunity to say goodbye.