Who is this “ME” who is unattached?

Out-of-Body - Relationship

When I was about 12 years old I was hanging out with my friend one Saturday afternoon sitting on the curb in front of her house.

I suddenly became aware that I was just ME and realized that I was not attached to my body. I became aware of being bigger and more enlarged than my body, and eventually larger than the street. I was aware of being aware without any physical connection and started shouting to my friend, “Hey! I’m ME!

I asked her, “Do you ever realize you are just you? Have you ever felt this way, like how strange it is to realize that you are you?” And then I said ” Who is ME? Who is this ME who is unattached?”

My friend listened curiously but was a little stunned at my dramatic shout out, ha ha, but she thought it was cool and tried to relate. I sat there amazed for a bit and then just carried on with the day like it was just some experience that I was so sure of that I didn’t need to make any more of it.

It was kind of like a Deja vu experience where its very real but hard to explain to anyone!