Meet Rich


The first third of this life was music. The second third was counseling & coaching others. This next third is combining both.

The absolute fastest way to change any life situation is to elevate oneself above it all, because in doing so, you’ll attain a wider, more responsible view of it. And in that process, you begin tapping into the metaphysical (beyond physical) qualities in yourself. That’s when everything changes.

I observed that those metaphysical occurrences have also happened for certain individuals during activities such as music and art, physically challenging or fun experiences, moments of heavy trauma and meditative connections with nature.

I decided I’d create a forum to provide people with some of the experiences and methods I have utilized to elevate them closer to the true quality that they are.

Random Thoughts

Rich, What do you do for a living?

I provide experiences, directives and step-by-step online coaching methods and programs to elevate an individual’s awareness’s, perceptions, and abilities above it all.

The Pre-Christian Cross – The Ankh

The ankh is one of Egypt’s oldest symbols. In ancient Egypt, the ankh symbolized life. The ancient Egyptians believed people’s existence on earth was not their full experience, and after death, they would continue to the afterlife.

The ankh represented life, both on earth and in the afterlife.

3rd Grade

One day asking our Presbyterian minister why in his Sunday sermons, he always said to us, “Jesus died for your sins”. (What? The only sins I could come up with was hiding those brussel sprouts under my chair at the dinner table and sneaking a look at those African women’s boobs in my parent’s National Geographic magazine). Whatever answer he gave me was incomprehensible so I decided he wasn’t an authority on Life and I needed to keep looking.

Personal Above It All Experiences:

Out of body – 1977

Mick in car – 2023

Barb talking to me – 2010

Randy Tapper dream – 2022

Springsteen – This Land is Your Land – 1981

First time hearing Romeo and Juliet – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – 1971

Feeding Mick at 3:00am 1995

Motorcycling Midwest back roads – 2022

Writing “My Mia” – 2006

Cliff jumping – 1969

Kite Surfing – 2011 (sun and moon)

Rock Climbing – Devil’s Lake 1992

Biking at dusk with butterfly – 1965

Seeing Queen live – 1975

Performing Roundabout in Duluth, MN – 1984