You can’t talk about this type of thing because there are not words in the English language that accurately describe these certain, random, extremely intimate and timeless occurrences that periodically happen to us all throughout our lives.

These are moments that transcend normal reality. These are moments that we never, ever forget. These are not ordinary, everyday moments. They sit in a different realm within us. They defy description with everyday language and leave us in a state where we know if we try to discuss it, we will never be able to relay anything close to how we actually felt or the impact that moment had on us. Any effort to relay these moments will degrade the meaning and significance that moment held for us and so we tend to keep these occurrences to ourselves our entire life.

But Matt Damon comes close.

Listen to this short interview where actor, Matt Damon is asked the question, “What is your first memory?” Matt talks about a moment when he was in a crib. He was a baby and couldn’t yet talk. But he does remember, with certainty, an overwhelming feeling of “protection” and pure love. It was when his father picked him up and held him. And in this interview, you can hear that he struggles a bit trying to describe it, even though he was extremely impacted by it.

In all the books, articles and interviews I have been exposed to about Near Death Experiences, the people attempting to describe what happened to them when their body was technically dead, pretty much one-for-one, tells us that there are no words to describe what occurred with them. They talk about seeing colors they have never seen, sounds and music they have never heard, feelings of connection, overwhelming love and pure acceptance. They say statements like; “Well… it was a flow of extreme and comforting love coming all around me, but nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced in this life.”

Another common term for this other realm is “Home”. The word home is powerful and is often used in songs and poetry. And not always as in “the house I grew up in” definition but a more metaphysical, familiar, connected, in-your-soul type of home.

For the sake of this article, I will relay three instances that for me, in this lifetime, could be categorized as those extremely personal and timeless moments that are indefinable and thus can never be accurately conveyed to anyone. And these are not “normal” type of memories for me either:

1. In 7th grade, harmonizing on a Shure microphone with my best friend. All of a sudden it was this huge feeling of connection, and artistic togetherness because of the type of melody being sung and the fact that we were doing it vocally together.

2. In my early 20s during the road trip to California on my motorcycle, riding on a highway in Kansas. No one else was on the road except for me, and the low hum of that Kawasaki. The sun was setting and the sky was displaying a glowing, majestic aura that ran across the entire horizon. For a moment I was taken somewhere else.

3. Feeding a bottle to my infant son, Mick, at 3:30am one particular night, Of course I had fed him many times before but on this particular evening I was looking down at him and all of a sudden got this completely overwhelming type of of love that I had never before experienced. That moment can’t be accurately described and that moment is not a normal type of memory.

Please let me know a few of these types of moments that you’ve had in your life.

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