“There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution
We are spirits in the material world”

You are a human soul. The human soul is you. You are you, and you are also part of a universal soul. We are all connected.

Relationship and Connection are inherent in each of us. You can’t hate another without somewhat hating yourself.

You are not your human body. Your body is made of physical material. You are not physical. Your ethnicity, skin color, gender, and nationality are associated with the human body you possess. That body is not you. You are not a material substance. You are a unique quality. You are Consciousness.

A Spirit possesses capabilities far beyond the limits of the human body. You have abilities of perception, opinion, prediction, decision, imagination, communication, energy production, hate, love, destruction and creation.

When we deny who we truly are, we have to rely and depend on leaders, systems and other influences.

When you forget who you are, you can be convinced and “sold” that your happiness depends on something other than yourself.

This is the lie that keeps the game going.

You, the human soul, cannot actually be harmed by an external factor. Your body and possessions can, but you can’t. You can consider you’ve been harmed, but that’s by your own choice. When we are experiencing unwanted situations, bad feelings and persistent complaints, very often they are subconsciously serving us in some manner. We use these created disabilities to explain and justify how we are not responsible for the way things are.

When you can discover for yourself the underlying, often forgotten and buried purpose for possessing that undesirable condition, situation or emotion, things lighten up and you can unstick from it.

It’s like magic.