I’ll tell you why.  Because, the full potential of the Internet, for the good of humanity, has not yet been realized. Not even close.

Social media is full of opinions being asserted and thrown around to everything imaginable, but pretty much only regarding what is in front of our faces us each day.  Points-of-view as to what is right and wrong regarding current circumstances will always cause disharmony, division, and conflict in our lives.

But what if we could hear and discuss people’s ideas to a question like:

What is the most important goal a person should have?”

Imagine asking that question to individuals living in Detroit, Calgary, Tokyo, New Delhi, London, Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro.  Wouldn’t you love to hear their answers?  Wouldn’t that be enlightening?

It seems to me, if we were exposed to how people respond to these types of questions, it would create very high interest, common reality and possibly a renewed acceptance of each other.  Don’t you think it would show a side of the world that remains buried and hidden under all these current comments and opinions flying around?

In the upcoming podcasts, I’ll pose a universal type question, so you can contribute your own ideas, opinions, and experiences. We can then discuss what everyone thinks on the following podcast.

The current average amount of Facebook friends we all have is 338. If we urged each of our friends to listen to this upcoming podcast and answer the question that will be asked, the math comes to 114,244 of all of us sharing our thoughts to something intimate and profound.

Don’t you think this might be a good utilization of the Internet for our world?