There are certain things in life you shouldn’t try to “prove”.

Do you love your child?  Prove it!  You say you had an epiphany?  Prove it!  You claim that a God exists?  Prove it!

Trying to prove that you love your kid, only degrades what you actually feel.  It can not be explained, dissected or proven.

Having a big, personal revelation about Life, that explains so much to you, loses all it’s power when trying to explain it to another person.  I’ve seen this many times in my coaching practice.

Belief in something like the existence of God, is just that.  A belief.  I’m sure you can seek out lots of opinions and read lots of so-called “proof” that your belief is off- base or isn’t accurate or even find writings that provide a sea of “evidence” that indicates that your faith and what you hold as important to your life, is just not scientifically valid.

Well, science hits many dead-ends when it comes to certain aspects of our existence. Don’t forget that.