When my son Mick was around five years old, I’d sometimes bring him into my home studio to record him sing and bash around on various instruments.  At some point he colored knobs and buttons on a small cardboard box and called it his tape recorder.

During a holiday dinner, Mick was going around and around the table with this “tape recorder” telling everyone to be quiet.  He’d say, “Okay everyone.  Quiet… recording.  Quiet everyone, we’re recording.”

After about three minutes of this his mom tried to get him to stop the banter.  The dialogue went like this:

Mom:  “Mick, be quiet.  We are all trying to talk.”

Mick: “But mom, we’re recording.”

Mom: ” I know, I know.  Just pretend you’re recording.

Mick: (Under his breath) “Why don’t YOU just pretend you’re talking?!