I recently activated my Facebook account so that I could connect up with my hard-core friends and let you all know that soon I’ll be launching a podcast series that has to do with all of us.

Over the years, anytime you and I have have spoken, absolutely no time has transpired.

We’ve always picked-up right where we left off, whether we grew up together, framed houses together, were part of music together, worked together at my Chicago private practice or here in Northern California, maybe our kids played hockey together… whatever or wherever, I value and will never forget our co-actions together.

The podcast series is called “It’s the Question”.

In each episode, a universal type question will be posed for you to think over and then send in your experiences, opinions, ideas and observations. In the next episode, we will go over the answers that came in, so we can all understand what one another thinks and has seen as Truth for ourselves. These are questions that you would normally not discuss at a dinner party.

I call it a “virtual campfire”, where we can all sit around and talk about the coolest things of life.

Look for release dates coming soon.