Illnesses, accidents and foul ups occur. They happen. They are real.

For someone to tell you “Its all in your head” or “You’re not really sick… you just think you’re sick”, is that individual not feeling or experiencing what you’re feeling and experiencing. Obviously, “its all in their head!”

However, in my experiences, I have helped many people find an underlying cause or situation which actually contributes to or had contributed to the illness or tendency to accidents and mistakes.

How come you can have 10 people in a room but only 2 of them catch the virus or germ floating around?

How come one day we are doing fine and the next day we find ourselves in a bad accident or create a bad mistake?

How come we find that there are certain chronic conditions that have been treated and treated and treated and yet continue to hold us down?

Why is it that some physicians can test us and then tell us that there is nothing wrong or they can’t find anything.

Some people feel that all illnesses can be handled spiritually or with mental tricks or through counseling. Some say that it is all physical and that all the spiritual and New Age counseling stuff is nonsense.

Believe it or not, the fact is, that a speedy recovery or a full handling of an illness often requires both a physical and a mental or spiritual type treatment.

You will find that at the source of these illnesses and/or conditions was something in the person’s life that was traumatic, emotionally stressful or some such. Sometimes it is something which happened long ago. Sometimes those same stressful factors are still present today. Sometimes there are people or things in the current environment that are similar to past stress, which then gets “energized” in Present Time and keeps the illness going.

TAKEAWAY: Do not discount the power of the mind or spirit just as you should not discount getting competent medical attention.  Do both!