A couple years ago I saw the movie “Nowhere Boy”.

It is about the life of John Lennon in his mid teens.

The Beatles undeniably changed the music scene as well as our culture dramatically.  For those that were young in the 1960s, this was very evident.

A song and chapter from my book, This Lifetime,  is dedicated to John Lennon.  The following is an excerpt from that chapter:

So, on our black and white T.V., our family watched The Beatles in their first American appearance.  I didn’t really know what to think but there was definitely something happening inside me.  I think something got stirred-up that had been there a long time.

Something about The Beatles was very familiar yet foreign.  Kind of similar to falling in love.  It seems so right and yet overwhelming.

The combination of Lennon and McCartney’s voices, the teenage anthem phrases like “Because she loves you!”, the ringing Rickenbacker guitars, the hair, the boots, the accents, the incredible “I’m above it all” humor and on and on and on.  They created a universe that we all of a sudden remembered we’d forgotten.

(From Song/Chapter 3 “J.W.L.”  (John Winston Lennon) This Lifetime)